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Open 7 days a week | 7-11am breakfast | 5pm Dinner

Canadian food with a Spanish & Mexican influence

El Toro is a locally owned and operated restaurant providing great food for residents and visitors to Banff National Park for over 40 years.

Specializing in Canadian dishes influenced by the flavours of Latin America and Spain we pride ourselves on the quality of the ingredients used, and the skill of our chefs. El Toro is also proud to serve AAA Certified Canadian beef, and our famous Ch√Ęteaubriand is hard to resist for beef lovers from around the world.

Breakfast and dinner menus offer a wide range of dishes for all tastes. We also have an extensive tapas selection that just begs to be shared with friends over a drink from our carefully selected wine list; we also serve locally brewed beers for your enjoyment.

If you are looking for good food, great service, and affordable prices visit us to experience our commitment to providing you with a great dining experience.