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Eat for a cause on Sundays!

Every Sunday night we donate 10% of our sales to Grace Centres, Ethiopia.

Grace Centres aims to work together with families to provide a means of improving the lives of their children, so they can grow up into people who can change their world in a positive way with a hope and vision for the future.

Crace Centre

You help support programs such as:

  • Orphanage
  • Village Clinic
  • Care Centres
  • Sponsorship Programs

We have personally given our time volunteering at the centre in 2008. We were helping the kitchen staff by explaining the importance of nutrients and vitamins, putting sanitation programs in place as well as teaching them some Canadian and Mexican dishes.

We couldn’t have been through such an experience without giving back to these people, that’s why we decided to do this weekly donation with the restaurant. We are hoping that this will bring people to donate but also to open their heart to the less fortunate of our world maybe even to go and see it for themselves by visiting or volunteering.

For more information about Grace Centres, please visit