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How to Order a Romantic Dinner for Two at a Casual Banff Restaurant

Posted by El Toro Banff on May 27, 2014

Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to go to the ritziest restaurant in town to enjoy a wonderful and elegant dinner with your significant other. Eating in a casual Banff restaurant can also be a romantic experience if you take the time to carefully plan your meal. Here are a few tips to help you out:

Ordering Wine

Main Course

For an elegant dinner, most people prefer to go with a nice steak. There are many cuts of steak to choose from, but most people prefer tenderloin. It is very tender and boasts a good body of flavour despite the fact that it has less fat, making it a perfect choice for those who are watching their fat intake.

The way you want your steak done is up to you, but most steak lovers swear by medium and medium rare. Of course, this depends entirely on your preference.

For people looking for healthier options, try having chicken or fish that has been elegantly prepared. In the end, you can never really go wrong with your main course, but try to stick with choices that help facilitate the romantic mood you're trying to set.



Choosing wine can be an intimidating process for many people, especially for those who do not consider themselves wine connoisseurs. More often than not, you'll be spending a lot of time before you actually place an order. If you're conscious about the time you spend, consider following this tip from Victoria von Biel of Forbes Magazine:

If you are going to a restaurant with a good wine list, then it is normally long and there is nothing worse than having to spend the first 15 minutes making your way through it. My solution is to ask the restaurant to email me a PDF of the list and have a short selection of wines in mind, so when I get there I can see what everyone is eating and the mood and choose something from my short list.

If you're the shy type, you don't need to call the restaurant at all. Many well-known Banff restaurants that offer wine like El Toro Restaurant post their wine list on their website. Simply view the full list from there to create your shortlist.


Of course, you'll need to choose a wine that compliments your main course. Chicken and seafood dishes are best partnered with white wine, while red wine best complements steaks and other heavy-flavoured beef dishes. If you have trouble deciding two different wines, don't be afraid to ask your server which one goes best with your chosen main course.

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