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Eating Smart: Visit Restaurants in Banff for a Tasty Power Breakfast

Posted by Hugh Tafel on April 23, 2014

Eggs Benedict, croissants, French toast, omelette, pancakes - these are food items that are best served in the morning to awaken one's sleepy senses. Unfortunately, not everyone is keen on having the "most important meal of the day" and would rather have a quick snack or a cup of coffee instead. In fact, an article posted at Peelregion.ca states that "[a]lmost one third of Canadian adults do not eat breakfast regularly", and now comes the question: are you or are you not a breakfast eater?

If the breakfast menu of established restaurants in Banff or other areas in Alberta don't appeal to you, it could be time to make a positive change in your eating habits. Why? Here are some major benefits of having breakfast that you should know about:

Better Nutrition

According to the Peelregion.ca article, breakfast can jumpstart your day in a healthy way:

"If you're not a breakfast eater, you're probably not getting the required amount of calcium, iron, thiamine (vitamin B1) and fibre every day. Since many of us don't get enough of these nutrients at the best of times, good choices at breakfast can help us get up to speed."

Improved Concentration

Eating breakfast provides you with a mental advantage. Think about it this way: isn't it that when you don't eat and you become hungry, you start to feel fatigued and your ability to focus and concentrate is significantly reduced? Therefore, enjoy a morning meal and give your brain enough fuel (in the form of vitamins and minerals) to make it perform at top level.

Weight Management

Dining in popular Banff breakfast restaurants like El Toro Restaurant isn't really bad for your dream to trim down. Actually, skipping breakfast to lose weight is not a very good idea. The Peelregion.ca article has this to say:

"Breakfast is important for maintaining a healthy weight. If you skip breakfast, chances are you will snack earlier and more often, and you'll likely be choosing less-nutritious snacks too. Breakfast skippers also tend to do most of their eating in the evening when their bodies are slowing down. This could change their metabolism so their bodies start storing those calories as fat."

Of course, take note that the road to fitness also entails adequate exercise and healthy lifestyle choices. For the latter, you can start by making sure that you eat breakfast every day.

(Source: Choosing Healthy Foods: The Importance of Breakfast, PeelRegion.ca)