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Cuisines and Restaurants in Banff: Wake up to International Flavours

Posted by El Toro Banff on September 19, 2014

Your typical breakfast while you're somewhere in the Canadian Rockies might include a hearty serving of some bacon strips, pork sausages, French toast, or a tower of pancakes with syrup, but do you know what people halfway around the world might be filling their hungry stomachs with first thing in the morning? There are many excellent restaurants in Banff that could offer you a taste of international breakfast cuisine, and here are a few that should warrant a try:

Best Breakfast

Mexican - Hot and Meaty

When it comes to Mexican food, expect an overload of meat and spice that will leave you reaching for more mimosa in every bite. Oh, and lots of tortilla and cheese, too. Typical Mexican breakfast dishes include chorizos, tacos, menudo, birria, and more of the cherished traditional fare. You can also opt for a nice breakfast burrito to make things simpler.

Italian - Sweet and Steamy

Italian cuisine isn't exactly known for its light dishes (650+ pasta varieties, anyone?), however, when it comes to breakfast dishes, Italy arguably has one of the simplest staples: cornetto (Italian croissant) and cappuccino. The cornetto usually has a filling of chocolate, jam, or cream, making the typical Italian breakfast quite short and sweet.

English - A Complete Breakfast

An article in the Hostel Bookers website breaks down the components of the typical English breakfast:

[It] must have beans, sausages, bacon, eggs, mushrooms, hash browns and toast. Of course, it should all be knocked back with a cup of tea, but black pudding is optional as far as I'm concerned.

This is perhaps the most common type of intercontinental breakfast served in restaurants, and it mainly revolves around bacon and eggs, with other meat (sausages) and beans added for a heavier breakfast experience. Other varieties of this dish might include haggis and scones (Scottish), white pudding and soda bread (Irish), and laver bread or cakes (Welsh).

Spanish - Flavour Explosion

Spanish breakfast is perhaps one of the most flavourful worldwide, thanks to the wide array of dishes that Spaniards enjoy with a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Dishes include churros, toast with jam, torrijas (a Spanish version of French toast), and tortilla Espanola, a dish that's somewhere between a frittata and an omelette.

Thankfully, you don't have to go far to enjoy many of these breakfast dishes-just head to your nearest Banff breakfast restaurant. El Toro Restaurant, for instance, serves the familiar along with the exotic, offering traditional Canadian fares, along with some delectable Mexican and Spanish flavours and entrees.

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