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Restaurants in Banff Offer Healthy Breakfasts amid Government Plans

Posted by El Toro Banff on July 21, 2014

It is a popular belief that breakfast is the most important meal of the day as this meal fuels the body up to perform necessary day-to-day tasks. In addition, the nutrient content of each dish plays an important role in maintaining good health among children and adults alike. Because appropriate nutrition is a valuable component of public health, the government is planning to introduce measures that would help people plan their meals better, as reported in a press release posted on the Canadian government's official website:

Nutrition Information

The proposed changes are to the format of the Nutrition Facts table, the list of ingredients, the list of nutrients that must appear in the table, and to the Daily Values.

It also includes changing how ingredients are listed, including grouping sugars together, so parents and consumers have a clearer picture of how much sugar is added to the food and the label is easier to read.

Finally, another key proposal is to provide guidelines to industry to make the serving sizes displayed in the Nutrition Facts table more consistent among similar products.

While government officials are crafting strategies that would support nutritious food consumption, reputable restaurants in Banff such as the El Toro Restaurant are already offering healthy breakfast items and other food products. These establishments welcome the government's efforts in campaigning for a healthy diet; it is, after all, the food and beverage industry's commitment to satisfy customers without sacrificing nutrition in the process.

Healthy Banff breakfast items are prepared by cooks who have a deep knowledge and understanding of planning meals that can contribute to a healthy society. Their menus showcase a proportional representation of each of the major food groups to effectively energize people. They would take into account dietician-recommended servings of fat, carbs, proteins, and other vital nutrients.

Getting a healthy breakfast from trusted dining places also offers customers the opportunity to try out new dishes that may have been inspired by foreign cuisine. Eating a meal in a health-conscious establishment is an enjoyable and ultimately beneficial gastronomic experience as this kind of restaurant ties good taste and nutrition in one bite.

(Source: Government of Canada proposes changes to nutrition information on food labels, Government of Canada, July 14, 2014)