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Reputable Banff Restaurants to Offer High-Grade Beef on their Dishes

Posted by El Toro Banff on July 22, 2014

Canada is continually displaying its long-known agricultural excellence as well as its capabilities as a supplier of safe and high-quality food to Chinese buyers and other interested parties. While Canadian officials are making their move to get more attention from the international market, though, they have continued to address the needs of the local food industry. Magazine editor Carolyn Cooper recently reported on government efforts to bring further innovations to the Canadian beef industry:

Beef Sector

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has announced a $3.8-million investment to establish the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence in Calgary.

..."Our Government is proud to support this cutting-edge facility," said Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz in making the announcement. "This Centre will give our industry a competitive advantage in showcasing Canada's top-quality meats and will allow our producers to capitalize on new and existing market opportunities."

While the infusion of new investments in the Canadian beef sector seems to target international buyers, local consumers are also expected to benefit from this development as they are the first line of quality inspectors for the country's produce and goods. Before any other nation gets the chance to taste meat harvested from the Canadian Beef Centre of Excellence, it will be Canadians who'll get a sample of the high-quality beef either through buying raw or eating meat dishes prepared by reputable Banff restaurants.

An established Banff restaurant such as the El Toro Restaurant is always on the lookout to source quality products like high-grade beef and exquisite spices that are bound to satisfy every diner's cravings and gastronomic demands. Canadian dining places also make sure that their pool of qualified and talented chefs will properly handle these ingredients to ensure that every dish they offer meets the demanding standards of their customers.

Through the use of high-grade beef and other products of similar quality, restaurants recognize the importance of meat in a balanced human diet. As the quality of meat goes up, the energy it provides for stronger muscles and disease prevention also increases. More nutrition can thus be gained from eating food made from high-grade beef, which makes these health-conscious restaurant dishes more satisfying to consume.

(Source: Beef sector to benefit from new state-of-the-art facility, FoodInCanada.com, July 9, 2014)