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For Love of Wine and Food in Banff Restaurants: Why Visit this Month?

Posted by El Toro Banff on September 20, 2014

If you're looking to visit the Canadian Rockies sometime in the next few months, Avenue Calgary magazine writer Karin Olafson explains why there's no better time to visit than in October:

Rocky Mountain

If gorgeous mountain views and crisp air aren't enough to persuade you to make the short drive to Banff, maybe a wine festival will do the trick.

The annual Banff Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival takes place at the end of the month, and besides a range of great wines, there are new additions to this year's festival.


Unless you're already a connoisseur yourself, you probably don't give wine a second thought whenever you guzzle it down, as long as it gives you the buzz it promises. However, the Rocky Mountain festival offers the perfect opportunity for you to appreciate what actually goes into making good wine, so just take the time to stop and take to the fizz.


What goes into savouring good wine if not great cheese? At this year's festival, Canadian dairy farmers are gathering for a cheese tasting seminar that allows you not only to sample their products, but learn what goes into making local cheese products. Whether you're just curious or a big fan of quality dairy products, this is definitely a must-see.


Expect to get a taste of some of the finest Banff restaurants' offerings throughout the festival as well. Places like El Toro Restaurant will display some of its best dishes for participants to sample. Stop by and savour dishes from mouth-watering tapas to barbecues, chips, seafood and a whole lot more.


Lots of cool prizes await winos and foodies in this year's festival; for one, buying tickets before the Early Bird deadline could earn you $50 worth of sampling coupons. Tired of having to walk for hours, holding a wine glass? Enter the Liquor Connect Wine Sling contest for a hands-free drink sling-and you won't have to carry your glass.

Of course, there need not have to be any significant festivities for you to enjoy good wine and food from an excellent Banff restaurant near you. Every day there's a reason to celebrate and treat yourself to fine food-or decadence-whatever the mood is at the moment.

(Source: 6 Reasons to Drive to Banff for the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival, Avenue Calgary magazine, May 29, 2014)